Nicholas Kalogeropoulos

Nicholas has more than 30 years’ experience in the Hospitality, Retail and Entertainment industries. He has a strong entrepreneurial spirit and has extensive experience in owning and managing small to medium businesses.

He was the General Manager of Food and Beverage at Village Cinemas Australia and until recently the General Manager of The Essoign Club, a private legal club for judges and barristers of the Victorian Law Courts.

Nicholas is the founder and director of Calibre Feasts-Flexible Solutions, a boutique events company that owns 3 venues including a boutique restaurant in the Yarra Valley and provides custom designed high-performance meals to elite sports teams. Calibre Feasts currently works with AFL, NRL and A League football teams.

He continues to inspire the next generation of hospitality professionals and has worked closely with William Angliss Institute for over 18 years where he has taught food and beverage operations and now currently participates in the higher education mentoring program. Nicholas is also a councillor on the board of the Restaurant and Caterers Association Victoria.